gene: WNT11

organismHomo sapiens
full nameWnt family member 11
summaryThe WNT gene family consists of structurally related genes which encode secreted signaling proteins. These proteins have been implicated in oncogenesis and in several developmental processes, including regulation of cell fate and patterning during embryogenesis. This gene is a member of the WNT gene family. It encodes a protein which shows 97%, 85%, and 63% amino acid identity with mouse, chicken, and Xenopus Wnt11 protein, respectively. This gene may play roles in the development of skeleton, kidney and lung, and is considered to be a plausible candidate gene for High Bone Mass Syndrome. [provided by RefSeq, Jul 2008]

NM_004626.3(WNT11):c.947G>A (p.Arg316His) AND Exstrophy-epispadias complex

GRCh38/hg38 11q13.4-13.5(chr11:71928796-77064521)x1 AND See cases

GRCh38/hg38 11q13.4-14.1(chr11:71969881-78232895)x1 AND See cases

GRCh38/hg38 11q13.5-22.1(chr11:75941754-98357960)x1 AND See cases

GRCh37/hg19 11q13.4-23.3(chr11:71588805-116680918)x3 AND not provided

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